Studio Rehearsal Rentals

Rehearsal Space
7th Circuit Productions offers performers a versatile rehearsal space with many amenities including a stage, backline, show lights, video features and recording options. Within the 1,500 sq. ft. interior, there is an adjustable Ready Stage (5) 6′ x 8′ with a 16 channel mixing board and 3 monitors. The basic backline includes a guitar amp, bass rig, a full drum kit with cymbals, 3 microphones with stands. Mounted on the 17 ft ceiling, we have a series of shows lights, speakers and platforms for video projectors. There is also a video screen (9′ high x 10′ wide) on the back of the stage along with objects for video mapping. In addition, there are various options for audio and video recording. Full house sound with 32 channel mixing board available, along with sound and lighting technicians. Additional equipment and instruments can be arranged as needed.
  •     1,500 sq. ft.  17′ Ceiling
  •     Air-Conditioned
  •     Bay Door Access
  •     Rehearsal Space
  •     Gallery Space
  •     Stage
  •     Audio
  •     Lighting
  •     Video
  •     Recording
  •     Green Screen
  •     Art Walls
  •     Workshop
  •     Forklift
  •     Temp Storage
  •     Soda Machine
  •     Shower
  •     Bathrooms
  •     Security System